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NEW VIDEO: Developing critical thinking skills, in English, at Osaka University

Short video from one of the special lecture/seminars to develop critical thinking skills, in English, at Osaka University.

The sessions are led by Professor John Ino, Professor Emeritus, University of California San Francisco, and Specially Appointed Professor at Osaka University.


01 October 2015: Welcome to New Students!

CAREN and Osaka University would like to welcome 19 new international students that have enrolled at Osaka University’s Graduate School of Science. There are eight who have joined the Special Integrated Science Course (Chemistry and Biology), and nine students who have joined the International Physics Course.
The students are a very international group and come from 12 different counties: Indonesia (4), India (2), Vietnam (2), China, Korea, France, Italy, Turkey, Nigeria, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and Sri Lanka.   
Welcome to Osaka University everyone. We wish you great success in your studies!


24 August 2015: Article in Osaka University Newsletter


Gagus Ketut Sunnardianto, President Toshio Hirano, and Sastia Prama Putri

In an article in a special edition of the Osaka University NewsLetter: 2011-2015 – “The 4 Years of Toshio HIRANO, 17th President of Osaka University”, President Hirano interviews Dr. Sastia Prama Putri, a member of CAREN and an assistant professor in the Fukusaki Laboratory of the Graduate School of Engineering at Osaka University, and also a PhD student under the QEDC program, Mr. Gagus. Each speak about promoting Japanese education and research abroad for Indonesian students. Read the interview below, or download the newsletter here:
Find out more about the CAREN team here:


1 August 2015: New Double Degrees with National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

The College of Life Science at the National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan and the Graduate School of Science, Osaka University, have signed an agreement that establishes a Double-Degree Program (DDP) for Ph.D. students of the two institutions.

Excellent students who join the program will study, conduct research, and be awarded degrees from both universities.

Photos from the signing ceremony which took place 27 July 2015.




30 July 2015:  New Double Degree Program with Vietnamese University

In July 2015, Osaka University’s Graduate School of Science organized a signing ceremony for another Double Degree Program for master and doctorate students. The new university partner is the University of Science of the Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. The program will involve students in all fields of basic science, but in particular, in the field of experimental particle physics. This is a field in which long-term collaboration has already been taking place, especially as many of the professors of the Vietnamese partner graduated at Osaka University in the past. 

Apart from the formal signing ceremony, during their time at Osaka University, the Vietnamese guests also visited the University Hospital facilities and the Research Center for Nuclear Physics.

Photos from the visit—



8 June 2015: Student Recruitment

Daikin Group will organize an employer session in Tokyo, it will only be for international students from Thailand. On the day, Daikin Group will give a brief overview about recruitment in Japan and Thailand.
There will also be a showroom tour and private meetings for participants.


More Details:

Daikin Group’s employer session—
Date:        21 June (Sunday),    Time: 14:30-17:30 (registraton 14:15-14:30)
Place:       Daikin Solution Plaza Fuha Tokyo

Please note: The session will be conducted in English.
Daikin Group will pay your round-trip transportation expenses, including the Shinkansen.

Employer: DAIKIN Japan & Thailand (with global career opportunities)

International students who will meet these conditions will be considered for interview—

1. Students from the Faculty of Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic), Faculty of Science (Physics, Mathematics), or those students studying Marketing.
2. Students who will graduate September 2015, March 2016, or have already graduated from September 2013 to March 2015.
3. Students who will get a Bachelor or Master degree (or those who already have s a Bachelor or Master degree).
4. Students or those graduated from Thailand.

Contact Info:

(1). Global Solution Group, Pasona Tech Inc. TEL: 03-5224-5234  Mail: Person in charge: Shigenari Minei
(2). Daikin Industries Ltd. Human Resources Div.  Mail:  Person in charge: Haruo Kochi


Kindly send a mail to any of above mail addresses before June 11th, Thursday, attaching your CV and answering the following items.
If you are accepted to participate, we will notify you before June 17th, Wednesday.

Required information:

Your name
Academic background (Final)
University Name:
Research laboratory:
Research Theme:
When will (or did) you graduate?:
Which do you prefer?   A: I would like to attend this session, or, B: I cannot attend this session but I would like to attend another session in the future.
(5).Where did you get this information from?   A: From recruitment agent (agent name), B: From university (university name), C: Others


May 2015: New ITSCE Webpage

The webpage for the Information Technology Special Course in English (ITSCE) on Osaka University’s Graduate School of Information Science and Technology website has been updated. Check out the new page here: 



May 2015: New Website

Osaka University’s Biotechnology Global Human Resource Development Program has a new website. The aim of this program is to expose graduate students to state-of-the-art research skills and in-depth knowledge of advanced biology, chemistry and physics to harness the potential of biotechnology. Find out more:




May 2015: New Videos

 Two new videos have been uploaded to the CAREN site. The first is an updated clip about Osaka University’s Biotechnology Global Human Resource Development Program. The second is a fun look at the social side of study at Osaka University and shows the Icho Festival that takes place at the beginning of May each year. Both of the clips are on the videos page: 




April 2015: New Double Degrees with Thai Universities

The Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, has successfully signed three Double Degree Programs (DDP) for Master students in Biotechnology with two Thai universities. The Thai university partners are:

  • Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT),
  • School of Bioresources and Technology (KMUTT)
  • Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University.

The signing ceremonies were held in the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University on Tuesday, 21 April 2015.

Photos from the events are HERE



16 March 2015: CAREN Team Members visit National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Members of the CAREN Team visited National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan (NTHU), and shared information about ongoing research efforts at OU and NTHU.
Wheels were also set in motion to proceed in future collaboration, specially, in the case of student exchange and with the establishment of a double degree program between National Tsing Hua University and Osaka University. It is hoped that the Dean and delegates from NTHU will visit Osaka University soon and proceed in the process of setting up the double degree. 



10 March 2015: Students from Malaysia visit Osaka University

Prof. Dr. Mohammad B. Kassim, and a group of students from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia spent the week at Osaka University.
The students are photographed on the Toyonaka Campus enjoying the ume (plumb blossom), and also with Professor Hideaki Takabe, from Osaka University’s Institute of Laser Engineering, being given a tour of the university’s large-scale laser facilities.
Check out all the photos on the CAREN Flickr page.



25 February 2015: ASEAN CAREER FAIR with Japan— Flickr Update

Singapore_Fair_standAs a supporter of the ASEAN CAREER FAIR with Japan, the CAREN team alongside other staff from Osaka University, had a stand at the ASEAN CAREER FAIR with Japan that was held in Singapore, 14 February 2015. Over the day, many students made enquiries about studying in English at Osaka University.
Check out the wonderful photos from the busy day on the CAREN Flickr page:


20 February 2015: New Double Degree Program

Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB, Indonesia) and Osaka University have signed an agreement that establishes a Double-Degree Program (DDP) for both Master and Ph.D. students of the two institutions. Excellent students who join the program will study and conduct research in both universities. If successful, students will be granted two degrees, one by each institution, in about the same time normally taken to achieve one degree (two years for Master students, and three years for Ph.D. students). Such DDPs are already ongoing in other graduate schools at Osaka University, but this is the first one at the Graduate School of Science.

The four delegates in the photos below are the Dean from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Professors in Physics, Biochemistry and Chemistry from ITB Indonesia. The delegates also visited several laboratories and discussed, over a Japanese dinner, some possible candidates for the new programs.

Photos from the signing ceremony are HERE


18 February 2015: Al Farabi Kazakh National University/Osaka University Agreement

Kazakhstan’s Al Farabi Kazakh National University has just signed an agreement with Osaka University to foster student and staff exchange between the two institutions. This agreement means that from now on, excellent students from Al Farabi Kaz NU will be able to easily participate in student exchange programs with Osaka University, in particular in the FrontierLab@Osaka program.

Attending Osaka University were three delegates, the Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Technology; the Head of the Department of Theoretical and Nuclear Physics; and the Professor of Mechanics and Mathematics, and they concluded the formal agreement between the institutions. The visitors also met Osaka University’s Vice-Presidents and visited several laboratories in order to further deepen collaboration between the two universities. Photos from signing ceremony can be seen below. Find out more about Al Farabi Kazakh National University here:

Photos from the signing ceremony are HERE

13 February 2015: ASEAN—Japan Special Symposium in Singapore

Singapore_SymposiumThe “ASEAN–Japan Collaboration in Human Resource Development: Creating A Sustainable Research & Education Exchange Network in Asia” symposium took place in Singapore, 13 February 2015.
Find out about the event, see the photos, and read about CAREN’s role in the event and the ASEAN CAREER FAIR with Japan here:


01 February 2015: CAREN Video on OU Campus TVs

campus_video2Now showing on all the Osaka University Campus TVs, the short subtitled version of the Study in English at Osaka University video. Students on campus can learn a little about the program and see their classmates and campuses. See the video HERE


27 January 2015: New CAREN Video

CAREN was established with the goal of enhancing the international appeal of our campuses and facilities at Osaka University.
This short video explains a little about the program and introduces Osaka University campuses and it’s students.


16 January 2015: News Page. Scholarships in Japan: Inspirational Stories from Indonesia

Indonesian_students_announcementIndonesian students in Japan: The Indonesian Student Association in Osaka has produced a book chronicling students’ learning journeys from Indonesia to Osaka University.
Find out about the exciting project HERE

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