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small_Japanese_switcherCAREN Stands for ‘Center for the Advancement of Research and Education Exchange Networks in Asia’. It was established in April 2014 with the goal of enhancing the international appeal of our campuses and facilities at Osaka University. CAREN aims to channel many of the internationalization efforts at Osaka University.

PDF brochures: “CAREN” (A4 1page), “Study in English at Osaka University” (A4 6pages)

CAREN’s Vision and Undertakings

  • Strengthen existing international programs and develop new ones
  • Learn about curricula and education environments abroad
  • Initiate and conduct new credit-exchange and double-degree programs
  • Establish common entrance examination systems for international programs
  • Promote the opening of new courses and programs in English
  • Enhance living conditions for international students (e.g., student accommodation and support networks)
  • Initiate programs that dispatch Japanese students and faculty overseas for study and research
  • Initiate English-learning programs for Japanese students in foreign universities
  • Support development of e-learning and distance learning resources
  • Plan and support relevant international workshops and symposia
  • Establish an alumni association
  • Connect to people and raise awareness of the program’s achievements

The CAREN Team

Head of the project:


Professor Toshihiro Tanaka

Dean of School of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering

Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science
Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka University


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Specially-appointed faculty members:

Research fields in the list are for your convenience of selecting suitable staff who may be relevant to your inquiry. Please add “” at the end of email addresses because they are intentionally incomplete.

Since we cannot cover all the possible fields of inquiry, please find a member whom you think most relevant to your inquiry. Contact form can be used for miscellaneous inquiries.

Hiroshi Kanazawa  [ Biology: kanazawa@bio.sci. ]
Haruko Satoh  [ International public policy: hsatoh65@osipp. ]
Hiromichi Akimoto  [ Mechanical eng. ; Naval architecture and Ocean eng. ; Civil eng. ; Architecture eng. : akimoto@naoe.eng. ]
Mamoru Sakaue  [ Applied physics: sakaue@dyn.ap.eng. ]
Luca Baiotti  [ Physics: baiotti@ipc.phys.sci. ]
Constantin Siriteanu  [ Information Technology: constantin.siriteanu@ist. ]
Takahiro Nishimura  [ Nano technology: t-nishimura@ist. ]
Ryogo Yanagida [ Linguistics: yanagida@fsao.eng. ]
Ikuko Nojiri
[ Secretary; accept inquiries which are not specific to research field: nojiri@fsao.eng. ]

 More detailed list of research fields

For other inquiries:
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CAREN team members