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Osaka University Admission Guide 2020

For prospective students, please see the Osaka University Admission Guide 2020. It has information about support systems, scholarships, student accommodation and other relevant information.

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support_office_2The Support Office for International Students and Scholars

The Support office offers assistance and provides information for international students, scholars and their families, on such matters as visa procedures, the search for accommodation and other necessary procedures. Help focuses on services prior to and soon after arrival in Japan.

The Student Support Office has produced videos about the logistics of studying in Japan as a foreign student. These videos are in the following languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai.
Visit the Support Office videos page for more information—

support_centerSupport Center for Campus Life

This center provides counseling services to help students solve their problems and also provides support for their extra-curricular social activities. Consisting of three units: Student Disability ServicesStudent Counseling and Consultation Services, and Career Development Services, these units also work in coordination with counseling rooms at each school and the student counseling room at the Health Care Center.

In addition to providing high-quality student support, the Support Center for Campus Life issues newsletters and holds Station Cafés regularly in order to provide opportunities for students to get together. For more information:

OUISA_bannerOsaka University International Student Association (OUISA)

OUISA comprises active members from 25 countries who regularly take part in event-organizing and social activities. In a wider sense, OUISA includes each and every international student studying at Osaka University. Anyone can walk into our meetings, listen and voice their opinion. OUISA welcomes participation from all international students regardless of race, nationality or gender, and boasts a diverse membership with representation from almost every faculty. 
Check the OUISA website here:
Like OUISA on Facebook here:
Watch OUISA videos here:

CIEE_2The Center for International Education and Exchange CIEE

CIEE is a joint research institution that contributes to the education of students from all over the world. The center encourages cooperative activities between Japanese students, overseas students and international researchers. The center could be regarded as the heart of scholarly educational exchange at Osaka University giving international students and researchers opportunities to learn Japanese, and meet with the local community as well as other students attending Osaka University.
check the CIEE website for more information:

BSP_osaka_universityOsaka University’s BSP (Brothers and Sisters Program)

The BSP(Brothers and Sisters Program) is an international-exchange circle which supports international students in Osaka University. In this circle, international students can get help from and have the opportunity to communicate and before friends with with local students. In addition, the BSP runs campus tours for the new exchange students and hold international parties for Osaka University students who are interested in international exchange. Visit the BSP website: and check out the BSP Facebook page:

campus_informationInternational Student Resources on the Osaka University website

The Osaka University website has a rich seam of resources covering everything from campus shuttle busses right though to finding the halal cafeterias on campus.
Visit Student Resources on the Osaka University website:

Osaka University Career Development Services

Meet the Career Development Advisers, and find out more about Osaka University’s Career Development Services.
Find our more on the Osaka University website:


The ASEAN CAREER FAIR with Japan is a Campus Asia and ASEAN-Japan friendship event where Japanese companies will be recruiting students graduating from universities all over Southeast Asia.
The event is organized to commemorate the fruitful, ‘heart-to-heart’ relationship that ASEAN countries and Japan have built over the years, and to consolidate a solid foundation for Japan to work more closely with ASEAN by focusing anew on nurturing young and eager talents in Southeast Asia needed for the creation of a better future for ASEAN and the world.

Visit the ASEAN CAREER FAIR with Japan website
ASEAN CAREER FAIR with Japan is on Facebook


Check out the video of the 2013 ASEAN CAREER FAIR with Japan. It was an Osaka University (Campus Asia) and ASEAN-Japan friendship event where Japanese companies recruited students graduating from universities all over Southeast Asia.

Information on scholarships and financial aid can be found in the Support Office pages, and the Osaka University Admission Guide 2014.

In addition, further information is available about scholarships from JASSO (Japanese Student Services Organization), and the Japanese Government’s MEXT Program (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology— Japan).

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