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Study abroad in Osaka University

What Makes Osaka and Kansai Great?

Find out why Japan, particularly Osaka and its Kansai region, is such a good place for international students to study.

OU’s International Students: Where They’re From

WOW! Osaka University has over 2,000 students from every corner of the globe, more than 100 countries. Find out more in the video. 

 Speech Contest in English @ Icho Festival, 1 May 2016

Check out Osaka University’s HEADLINE NEWS VIDEO to get a taste of the event!

Chemical Science Course in English @ Osaka University

Meet the student studying chemistry in English on OU’s Chemical Science Course.

The Course offers postgraduate students Master and PhD degrees, in English, in the wide scope of “Chemistry,” the center of science.

 Information Technology Special Course in English @ Osaka University

ITSCE supports students from around the world, by providing them – in English – with top-quality knowledge and research skills in the information science and technology fields.

Find out more the program and meet some Osaka University students.

The International Program of Maritime and Urban Engineering @ Osaka University

The International Program of Maritime and Urban Engineering @ Osaka University nurtures younger scientists who will be able to lead academia in modern Maritime and Urban Engineering expertize and succeed in passing on the knowledge to the next generation in a relationship of mutual trust and partnership with Japan.

Find out more about this exciting program and meet some of the students from across the globe.

Developing critical thinking skills, in English, at Osaka University

Short video from one of the special lecture/seminars to develop critical thinking skills, in English, at Osaka University.

The sessions are led by Professor John Ino, Professor Emeritus, University of California San Francisco, and Specially Appointed Professor at Osaka University.

Biotechnology Global Human Resource Development Program

Find out about Osaka University’s Biotechnology Global Human Resource Development Program. The aim of this program is to expose graduate students to state-of-the-art research skills and in-depth knowledge of advanced biology, chemistry and physics to harness the potential of biotechnology.

Osaka University’s Icho Festival

Student life at Osaka University is not just all about study. There is a vibrant extracurricular scene at the university with many culture-oriented activities, clubs, festivals and events. This video is a short walk-though on the Icho Festival, held on 1 and 2 May every year  to celebrate the founding of Osaka University and to welcome new students to the institute.  

Challenges in Internationalizing Japan’s Universities – Prof. Haruko Satoh

Haruko Satoh is a CAREN Specially Appointed Professor and also lecturer at the Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP), where she runs MEXT Reinventing Japan project on “Peace and Human Security in Asia (PAHSA)” with six Southeast Asian and four Japanese universities. 
Prof. Satoh was a Featured Speaker at the IAFOR Asian Conference on Education 2014 (ACE2014) and the Asian Conference on Society, Education & Technology 2014 (ASCET2014) in Osaka, Japan.
In her Featured Speech she discusses the challenges of internationalizing academic programs and culture in Japanese Universities. 

Study in English @ Osaka University: CAREN

CAREN was established with the goal of enhancing the international appeal of our campuses and facilities at Osaka University.
This short video explains a little about the program and introduces Osaka University campuses and it’s students.


Find out about Osaka University’s CAREN project. It was established in April 2014 with the goal of enhancing the international appeal of our campuses and facilities at Osaka University.

Quantum Engineering Design Course (QEDC) Student Video

Meet some of our students on the QEDC Course.
The “Quantum Engineering Design Course” is a special graduate school program that aims to equip young scientists with cutting edge research skills necessary to anticipate and adapt to the ever-changing needs of society equipped with a broad perspective of Science, Technology, and

Study Engineering Sciences in English at Osaka University

Meet some of the students studying engineering sciences in English at Osaka University. Find out about student life, university facilities, and settling into study on campus as a foreign student.

About the Department of Biotechnology, Osaka University (original video)

At the Department of Biotechnology, Osaka University, we research and educate on cutting edge technologies in fields such as genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular engineering, protein engineering, and biochemical engineering, and send skilled staff out into the world.

About Osaka University International Students Association (OSISA)

The Osaka University International Students Association (OUISA) started as a support group for international students, and has since developed into an organization that plays a pivotal role in promoting cultural exchange as well as fostering interaction among students, faculty, and the local community.

Osaka University Campus Life. The Toyonaka Campus

A fun journey around Osaka University’s Toyonaka Campus which took place over the first weeks of spring semester 2013. Thanks to Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP) for making this clip.

Osaka University Promotional Video

Check out the official Osaka University Promotional Video to see the campuses and facilities, and hear from students and professors from a variety of fields and faculties.



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