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English Speech Contest 2018 at Icho Festival! (Results)

Speech Contest 2018



With the “Live Locally, Grow Globally” motto, Osaka University has endeavored to internationalize and attract increasing numbers of international students and build research collaboration with institutions worldwide. As a part of this mission, CAREN has taken a role in helping to spread Osaka University’s wings by setting up international master/Ph.D. and double degree programs with overseas partners.

Having established such educational systems for student mobility, we, CAREN wonder how the students studying at Osaka University find the internationalisation of the university. Are they satisfied or not? Does Osaka University need to change to create a more comfortable campus life for the students? If so, in what ways and for whom?

With the theme of “How can Osaka University be more attractive to both international and Japanese students?”, we would like to hold an English speech contest to listen to the opinions of the students. Any student studying at Osaka University is welcome to join. We look forward to your insightful ideas from various perspectives.

“How can Osaka University be more attractive to both international and Japanese students?” 

Result of the contest

Congratulations! In the contest held on April 30, we awarded following speakers.

  • Highest Award: Devangi Yadav (B3), School of Engineering Science, “Foster a University of Innovation”
  • Executive Vice President’s Award, Yuki Tanaka, (M2), Graduate School of Engineering,  “International Cafeteria: The Base of international exchange”

  • Performance Award
    • Sardar Ahmed Shah, School of International Public Policy, “Attracting prospective international students using current international students”.
    • Yasutaka Yoshida (B2), School of Engineering(B2),“Culture & Language Exchange: Thinking Outside of the BOX”
    •  Wilbert James Claridad Futalan, Graduate School of Engineering, “Mutual Understanding through Language Exchange”
  • Endeavor Award
    • Tim Beyermann (B4), School of Human Sciences, “The little things matter”
    • Yutong Qi (M1), Graduate School of Economics, “How can Osaka University be more attractive to both international and Japanese students?”
    • Pasindu Herath Pathirannahalage, Graduate School of Letters, “One university, One world!”

All the speakers and audiences of the contest, we would like to thank you for your support of this event.

Photos in the contest will be here shortly


Theme of the speech How can Osaka University be more attractive to both international and Japanese students? Your proposal


Date and time

30 April 2018, 13:0012:00-16:00
 Start time changed to have more speakers!


 Icho Festival, CALL Room1, Cyber Media Center, Toyonaka Campus (See number 1 on the MAP)

Timing Speech: 5 min or less. Q&A: 5 mins or less
Presentation Students may rely on slides/images during their presentation. Please keep in mind that the 5 minutes allowed is only long enough for 3-4 slides. We encourage speakers to use as few slides as possible. One slide could be with the speaker’s title and affiliation.
Note for application

Students are asked to write around 200 words (maximum) about their speech during signup. This information will be considered for the preliminary selection and ten will be selected to speak at the contest.

Evaluators OU Professors
Prize First, second, and third place official award certificates signed by OU’s Vice President (Great for your CV, scholarship, or internship applications), 20,000Yen Gift Card and More

Sponsored and organized by CAREN

Pre-screening date 16 April 2018  20 April 2018 (speaker entry closed)
How to apply Apply online from the “Sign Up Here” button in this page


Speech Development Structure, Organization, Support Materials
Effectiveness Achievement of purpose, interest, reception
Speech Value Ideas, logic, original thought
Physical Delivery Eye contact, body language
Voice Flexibility, volume
Manner  Directness, assurance, enthusiasm
Correctness  Grammar, punctuation, word selection

Event poster
Event poster (日本語)

SIGN UP HERE (speaker entry closed)

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